Dolphin Premier

The newest robotic pool cleaner to be launched by Maytronics, the 2018 Dolphin Premier inground pool cleaner is designed to meet the changing needs of pool owners everywhere. Powerful without compromising on energy efficiency and designed with the latest technologies and features, this pool cleaner offers an impressive clean, but we did come across a couple of issues to be aware of.

Features At A Glance

  • Plug and play operation
  • Designed to clean pools of all shapes and up to 55” in length
  • Cleans all pool surfaces including fiberglass, tile, concrete, vinyl-lined and gunite
  • Microprocessor controlled SmartNav that allows it to calculate optimal pattern for faster cleaner with improved efficiency
  • Reduces energy costs by about 87% – 90%
  • Comes with 60 feet cable made from thermoplastic rubber
  • 360 degree cable swivel ensures that the cord remains completely tangle free
  • Power scrubs and vacuums debris of all sizes from tiny green algae to medium sized debris and larger sized leaves
  • Vacuums even in reverse position for enhanced efficiency
  • Studies water line elevation for better water line cleaning
  • Delivers superior maneuverability, agility and climbing performance
  • Powered by dual 24V brushless DC energy-efficient, long-life motors
  • Aggressive cleaning action is delivered by dual power rotating, scrubbing brushes
  • Dry weight is 22 lbs


  • SmartNav pool scanning
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-tangle swivel
  • 3 year warranty
  • Superior cleaning ability


  • Remote control not included
  • Inadequate instruction manual
  • Caddy not included


Capable of reducing energy costs by up to 90%, the 2018 Dolphin Premier is one of the most energy efficient robotic pool cleaners available. It uses a highly advanced 24 Volt DC motor, which is high performing without compromising on energy efficiency. This ensures that you enjoy superb user experience without worrying about escalating energy consumption.

The cost of operating this unit works out to about 5 cents per hour. Considering the device cleans quickly and thoroughly, you won’t see much difference in your energy bills.

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What We Don’t Like

The instruction manual is inadequate. It gives you enough information to get started with the basic operation of your pool cleaner but doesn’t explain more advanced features such as using the timer. The Dolphin is very intuitive to use, but for a premium range product we’d expect comprehensive instructions as standard.


This pool cleaner comes packed with several advanced features:

SmartNav intelligent pool surface scanning

SmartNav technology delivers highly optimized covered of the pool surface, taking pool cleaning to a whole new level.

When dropped into the pool, the advanced microprocessor takes a couple of seconds to scan the pool and determine the best navigation strategy for complete and efficient coverage. This is unlike most other robotic pool cleaners that clean the pool surface aimlessly, leaving behind several patches that are not touched at all.

Multi-media filtration system

The 2018 Dolphin is the only robotic pool cleaner that offers users the option of 4 different types of filtration media to suit different cleaning needs – oversize debris bag, standard size cartridges, micro-cartridges and disposable debris bags.

The oversized debris bag is designed to remove the larger sized twigs and leaves from the pool. It’s just what you need if you have a lot of trees surrounding the pool and you are using it after a long gap.

The standard size cartridge works great to remove mid and small sized particles such as small twigs, leaves, bugs and seeds.

The micro-cartridges have ultra-fine filters that do a superb job of cleaning algae and other fine debris from the pool surfaces.

A lot of thought has gone into incorporating the various media types without making it inconvenient or tedious for the user to change from one to another. Changing the filters is super simple and does not take more than a couple of seconds. That time spent is totally worth it as using the right media for the job ensures that the cleaning will be thorough.

HyperGrip rubber tracks

Most robotic pool cleaners have wheels, which work well when cleaning the pool floor. However, they simply do not have enough grip when climbing the walls, so they lose traction and fall, leaving the walls cleaned only halfway.

The Dolphin Premier overcomes this shortfall by ditching the wheels altogether. This device has strong-grip rubber tracks instead. These rubber tracks grip the wall with surprising strength, allowing the unit to climb the walls all the way to the top so the walls are cleaned thoroughly when the clean cycle is completed.

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Superior Scrubbing

The device cleans, scrubs and micro-filters every square inch of the pool surface thoroughly, from the floor, walls, coves and waterline to the most difficult to reach spots in the pool.

Patented 360° anti-tangle swivel

The cable swivel uses a proprietary design that allows the cable to twist and turn in any direction without any getting entangling. This allows the system to move underwater easily without getting into a tangled heap at the bottom of the pool.

Modular design

This pool cleaner is conveniently designed with only five modular parts. This makes it easy to remove and replace just the damaged part instead of having to repair or replace the entire system in case of a breakdown. The modular design can be particularly appealing if you are a DIY enthusiast.


  • Powerful yet energy efficient
  • SmartNav intelligent pool scanning
  • HyperGrip rubber tracks that give the unit superior vertical agility
  • Modular design that makes repairs and replacement easier and cheaper
  • Multi-media filtration system
  • 360° anti-tangle swivel
  • 3 year full warranty that is not limited to cycles or hours
  • Superior vacuum and scrubbing ability


  • Relatively high priced as compared to other robotic pool cleaners
  • Does not come with a remote control, which could be another expense if you want the additional convenience that a remote control offers
  • Caddy not included. You can buy one separately here.
  • Inadequate instruction manual

What others are saying

This product has got mixed reviews from users, though with a larger proportion of positive reviews.
Many users claim it is the best cleaner in the market for the price, advanced features and warranty. The outstanding cleaning capabilities of the device have been mentioned repeatedly by several users.

Is it for you?

This Dolphin is an excellent choice if you do not mind paying a premium for a feature-filled robotic pool cleaner with advanced technology.

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30 thoughts on “Dolphin Premier

  1. Great piece of kit. Easy to use and cleans the pool very thoroughly. We previously had a suction cleaner and no way did it do as good a job as this Premier. It covers every spot of the pool in a short period of time, leaving it sparkling clean.

  2. Really impressed with our Dolphin. It is fast and efficient and does a much better job of cleaning the pool than a manual scrub with the brush. The price if on the high end but I suppose you get what you pay for these days. We looked at some cheaper models but decided that ultimately they can be finicky and unreliable.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There is no difference. They are identical. They just changed the name from 2016 to 2017.

  3. We’ve had this cleaner since last winter and although the price made my eyes water a bit when we bought it, it has been well worth the investment. I couldn’t believe the difference in pool color after the first clean. I had forgotten how deep blue the pool floor used to be. It does a deep clean that our pool guy never seemed to be able to do to that level. Awesome!

  4. I’m not very tech savvy. Does this cleaner need to be assemble or programmed in some way before I use it? If it does, could you recommend another model which is easier to use please?

    1. Great question, Jessica. The Dolphin Premier is basically plug and play. It doesn’t need to be assembled, and the controls for it are very simple. On the control panel, you have a power button, a clogged filter indicator, a reset button (to reset the clogged filter indicator), then you can choose whether you want a 1, 2 or 3 hour cleaning cycle, and you can also choose how many times a week you want the Dolphin to clean.
      If you want to keep it really simple, all you have to do is put the robot in the pool, press the power button, and the cleaner will default to the 3 hr cleaning cycle.

  5. Ah what the hell. I’m gonna take the plunge and get this for my brother’s Christmas present. That should redeem me for having been using his pool so much this year 😉

  6. I had a demonstration of a Dolphin cleaner today and it exceeded my expectations, collecting debris that my suction cleaner fails to collect. But a guy on a forum was saying he had big reliability issues. He said the swivel attachment broke after 3 months.
    I guess I am just asking for for more feedback before I pay up $1000 for a pool cleaner.
    How is the reliability and cost of parts of these things?

    I did quite a lot of Googling but I can’t find much on this product other than the reviews on the retail sites.

    1. Yeah, I hear ya. I read similar things but I think some of these stories may be written by competitors. We bought the Dolphin Premier early last year after a recommendation from friends and we’ve had no regrets. It collects large leaves and scrubs the entire pool in about an hour and a half…or is it 2 hours? I forget. Anyhow it cleans it fast and gives the walls and floor a polished look.
      If you go through the Amazon link on this page to buy off Amazon it says you get a 3 year warranty so that gives you piece of mind.
      My only gripe with this cleaner is the bag fills up quickly.
      We previously had 2 suction type cleaners and they only lasted about 12 months each.

      1. Apologies for the time taken to get back to you Valley Girl. I’ve been busier than a Bangkok hooker when the Navy is in town and I think my other message got caught in the spam filter.
        Any other takers for giving me their experience with this cleaner before I take the plunge and buy one?

        1. Unfortunately, the comment filter can be a bit over-zealous sometimes and it gets false positives. I’ve white listed you so it shouldn’t happen in future.

    2. Sorry for the very late reply. I missed this comment for some reason. It’s worth mentioning that this unit comes with a 3 year no-nonsense warranty. Maytronics warrants that the unit will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years. In the event you have a problem with the unit and it doesn’t perform as promised then you have the warranty protection.

  7. I’m thinking of purchasing this unit but am Leary of all the negative reviews. I suppose youll always have some but still concerned. Does this unit climb and clean walls and does cord stay untangled?

    1. I think a healthy scepticism is always prudent when making a purchasing decision. You are smart to be a little cautious.

      The Dolphin is designed to climb and clean walls and is fitted with dual rubber tracks to reduce slippage when doing this.
      As for the cord, it is fitted with a 360 degree cable swivel which is designed to prevent tangling. Can I guarantee you that it will never tangle? No. However, for what it’s worth I’ve not had anyone mention to me that their Maytronics Dolphin has tangled.

      With regard to reviews, both good and bad comments are always somewhat subjective and the cause of problems can be multifactorial. Individual pool design and customer operation may have a part to play in the widely varying reviews of robotic pool cleaners: different types of liner, different shaped pools, unusual obstructions in the pool, customers not following manufacturer guidelines etc.

  8. We have a woodland down one side of our property and lots of leaves get dumped in the pool in the fall. Does this machine have the storage capacity to collect a lot of leaves? I don’t want to have to keep emptying the thing.

    1. It should be big enough for most people’s needs, but if for some reason you find it isn’t, you can buy the oversized debris bag for this unit which has capacity for a large amount of leaves.

  9. I’m back! I commented on here back on February 23rd about buying it. Well….we bought it. Really happy with the cleaning quality of it and my doubts have been put to rest. Thanks so much for your advice Valley Girl and Moderator.

  10. Great thoughts. Thank you

    I’m torn between this cleaner and the Polaris F9550.
    My pool has heaps of trees around it so I need one that will cope with that.
    I’ll definitely buy a pool cleaner robot I’m just not sure which one.

  11. Does the price of this go down in the fall? I’m wondering if I wait ’till then if I’ll get it cheaper…

  12. Just purchased the Dolphin Premier, and I have a couple of questions/concerns. I don’t know if the pool scanning is working because it does not seem to go all the way up the wall. The other thing is that the red alert light goes on frequently. After opening it up to clean (just one use), it is not that dirty. Lastly, I did not see any instructions about the pulling out or leaving in the things inside the handlebar of the cleaner. I noticed in one video review that the guy said it was recommended to him, based on his pool, to just pull out one. My pool is 26 x 40 gunite free-form.

    1. Thanks for your message, Sam.

      I’d recommend contacting the seller for support, but here are a few thoughts I have:

      Try cleaning the filter and the cartridges out fully with a hose and try again. If you still get the red light then press the RESET button while the robot is working. Then see how that goes.
      Filter and cartridge issues can also cause the Dolphin not to climb the walls properly, so these two issues may be linked.

      Also, on some models there is a mode setting on it to clean the floor only (not the walls). Make sure you have it set to clean floor and walls.

      I presume you bought your Dolphin new? If you got it second hand check to make sure the brushes aren’t worn down as that could cause it to slip on the wall.

      If none of the above work, check to see if your pool chemicals are out of whack because that can cause a build up of algae on the walls which will make it difficult for the pool robot to climb.

  13. Desperately need a new cleaner. We have an old freeform concert pool that is surrounded by palm trees and messy AZ palo verde trees. We are looking at either the Premier, the Nautilus Plus or the M500/M400. I’m about all the organic matter hitting the pool. Does anyone have what might be the best solution?

  14. Simply put… this is a piece of crap.
    I knew better than buy another Maytronics product, but the reviews were mixed and I took another chance. Had it about 10 days and it misses about 1/3 of the pool and today, won’t start at all. Unplugged it and let it sit for a while and it still will not start. Changed the filter to the bag and nothing. The dash on the controls are
    lit up and the lights come on, flash a few times then stops. The on off is still lit up after pushing start but it’s not moving at all.

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