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When you have invested in a swimming pool, you want to spend more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it. The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Above Ground Robot Pool Cleaner allows you to do just that. It is fast, efficient and easy-to-use, but it does have several limitations as you will discover in this review.

Features At A Glance
• Designed for above ground pools of all shapes, including rectangular, round and oval
• Weighs10.5lbs
• Comes with a 40 ft electrical cord length that plugs into a standard outlet
• Patented E-Z Swivel Device ensures that the cable remains tangle-free
• Adjustable axle pin maximizes coverage area
• Innovative self-contained pump and filtration system allow it to vacuum and filter without a hose
• Capable of cleaning up to 4,800 square feet per hour
• Filters 4,200 gallons per hour
• Filter bag is reusable and removes particles of all sizes, from large leaves down to 2 microns
• Manual reset switch prevents accidental restarts
• Comes with a cleaner, transformer and re-usable filter bag
• 2-hour automatic shut off time helps to minimize water, energy and chemical usage and keeps utility bills low

This cleaner has a powerful pump motor that is more than capable of delivering the higher suction power that above ground pools typically require. It can clean a flat-bottomed pool floor with a 24 ft diameter in a little less than half an hour.

Compact and self-contained, the device is designed with an inbuilt internal pump and filtration system so there are no cumbersome hoses to deal with as you go about cleaning the pool.

The easy-to-clean, state-of-the-art reusable filter bag has a 19 quart capacity and is capable of picking up debris of all sizes, from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns.

The 40 feet cable allows it to easily cover the entire pool surface so there is no need to have multiple electrical outlets.

The one glaring drawback with this pool cleaner is that it does not work on pools with curved centers. It only works on flat-bottomed pools.

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Easy To Use Features

Weighing just 10.5 lbs, the Pool Rover Jr. is easy to lift and carry so any family member can use it to clean out the pool.

When you get it to the pool-side, it is just as easy to use. The device is literally push-and-play. Simply drop the lightweight cleaner into the pool and push the start button.

With the advanced guidance system, this Aquabot can handle any shape pool, even those with unusual shapes that regular pool cleaners cannot handle.

This model is being sold as ‘fully automatic’ but you should be aware that it does require more effort and attention than some other fully automatic models from other brands.

Money-Saving Features
One of the biggest sales claims with this appliance is that it is low-maintenance and has a long life. Going by customer reviews this seems to be true. If used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, your investment will give you trouble-free service for several years.

The device utilizes patented Hydrorobotic technology so you don’t have to contend with the typical wear and tear parts that are found on most other above-ground cleaners. Fewer repairs and replacements add up to considerable additional savings for you over a period of time.

The Pool Rover Jr. has been proven to reduce the water, energy and chemical costs by as much as 50%, which means that after a while the device actually pays for itself. This is great news if you are looking for a money-saving pool cleaner.

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• Lightweight and easy to carry and use
• 100% plug and play so you do not have to spend time unnecessarily doing all the work yourself
• Patented swivel device keeps the hose tangle-free
• Wide, non-marring wheels move along smoothly without damaging the pool surface
• Ultrafine filter traps large-sized leaves as well as fine sand
• Automatic shut off mechanism minimizes consumption of water, energy and chemicals

• Only capable of cleaning the floor with limited wall cleaning ability
• Requires owner to set the locking pin at the front axle manually to prevent twisting of cable while in use
• Forgetting to change the pin location after each cleaning cycle can reduce the efficiency of the entire unit
• The unit is not waterproof and cannot be left out in the rain.

What Other Customers Say
Most customers who have bought the Aquabot are satisfied with their purchase and feel that they have got their money’s worth.

The ease of use and cleaning capacity of the machine meets most customers’ expectations with no major complaints in both areas. The only disappointment is that it does not clean the pool walls but that is something that is clearly stated in the product description so it should not come as a surprise.

Interestingly, a couple of users have expressed concern about the flimsy material, especially the thin plastic axles that look like they may crack anytime but nobody has actually complained about the axles cracking.

Is the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior worth your money?
At less than $300, this pool cleaner offers great value for money. The operating cost is less than 5 cents per cycle, which is just as pocket-friendly as the purchase price.

With this nifty little device, you won’t have to struggle with tangled hoses or contend with parts that wear out too easily. Not only is it durable and long-lasting but it also comes packed with features that will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time swimming.

The cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning above-ground pools. You will be especially pleased with this pool cleaner if you have an unusually-shaped pool.

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  • Tangle free hose
  • Lightweight
  • Ultrafine filtration
  • Plug and play function
  • Non-marring wheels
  • Auto shut-off


  • Manual locking pin
  • Power supply not weatherproof
  • Limited wall cleaning



  1. What are the main differences between one of these less expensive cleaners and a €700 pool cleaner – apart from emptying my purse? 😉

    • The Pool Rover Junior is designed for above-ground pools and only cleans the floor. It also doesn’t have as many features as some of the more expensive models such as scrubbing brushes and programmable cleaning schedules.

  2. Works well in our unusual shaped over ground pool. Only got stuck once in about 30 cleans. Happy with our purchase.

    • Hey 🙂
      How are you getting on with the Pool Rover Junior? We are thinking of getting one but would like to know about reliability. Thanks!

      • We have named our pool robot “Robbie”. He is still working tirelessly, keeping our pool nice and clean. So far he’s been working as he’s supposed to without any complaints! We replaced the filter bag recently, but no faults to speak of. I’ve no idea what customer support are like since we’ve not needed to reach out to them.

  3. This is our first robotic pool cleaner so I don’t have any point of comparison. It sure is better than using a net! No problems to report since we got the aquabot back in July.

  4. Really happy with this product. We only have quite a shallow pool, so cleaning the walls isn’t a big deal for us. We looked at the more advanced models, but the price tag for most of them was too much for us. I think this is good value for money from a brand named company.


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