Dolphin Escape

Before parting with your hard earned money, take 2 minutes to read this Dolphin Escape review to make sure it is a good fit for you and does everything you need.

Deceptively compact and lightweight, the Dolphin Escape packs the powerful punch in terms of efficiency, convenience and cleaning performance. This robotic pool cleaner does a great job of cleaning all types of above-ground pools without consuming too much energy. It does have a few drawbacks, however, which we shall discuss towards then end of this review.

Features At A Glance

  • Lightweight, ergonomic frame
  • Weighs 14 lbs
  • Measures a compact 22.2 x 17.7 x 12.5 inches
  • Designed to clean above ground pools measuring up to 40 ft in length
  • Cleans all types of pool surfaces including fiberglass, granite, tile, concrete and vinyl lining
  • Easy-to-grip carry handle for added convenience
  • Thermoplastic rubber cable that prevents frictional drag
  • Dual 24-volt DC motor
  • Large capacity debris cartridge
  • Easily accessible filter cartridge
  • SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning
  • Hypergrip™ Continuous Tracks
  • Hyperbrush™ Dual Scrubbing Brushes
  • Quiet operation

Smart Features That Make Pool Cleaning A Breeze

It’s hard to imagine so many smart features packed within this lightweight robotic pool cleaner. The list is pretty long and very impressive. Most of these smart features are powered by Dolphin’s proprietary technology:

SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning

The SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning is essentially a smart pool mapping system. When the pool cleaner is dropped into the water, the software quickly scans and maps the pool in order to chart an optimal cleaning pattern for fastest results. The scanning and mapping software, records the surfaces that the device has already cleaned so that it does not go over the same areas repeatedly. This reduces the cleaning time considerably.

Another advantage of the SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning software is that you can just leave the pool cleaner in the water unsupervised, knowing that it will do a thorough cleaning job without missing a spot.

Where the Dolphin Escape scores over other devices that use similar software is that it can also sense where the drains and ladders are placed so it does not get stumped when it reaches these obstacles. It knows when it is approaching a drain or ladder and navigates around them. That’s a really cool feature. One user even commented on being impressed when the device did not get stuck on the wedding cake stairs in their pool.

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High-Powered Hyperbrush™ Dual Scrubbing Brushes

The Dual Scrubbing Brushes, powered by Hyperbrush technology, take pool cleaning to a whole new level. The brushes scrub and vacuum the algae, dirt and debris from all the pool surfaces quickly and vigorously. The high-powered Hyperbrush moves twice as fast as regular brushes. This vigorous brushing movement allows the device to easily dislodge even the most stubborn algae and dust that has built-up over time on the pool floors and walls. .

Hypergrip™ Continuous Tracks

The biggest drawback with most pool cleaners is their inability to scale and clean the walls up to the waterline. The Hypergrip rubber tracks overcome this shortcoming by maintaining continuous contact with all surfaces, including slippery wall surfaces.

The powerful traction provided by the Hypergrip Continuous Tracks technology offers multiple benefits. For one thing, it enables the device to remove and trap debris of all sizes effortlessly. Additionally, by clinging on to the walls tightly and not slipping down, it takes less time and consumes less energy when cleaning the wall. The rubber track also offers enhanced directional control.

Oversized Filtration Cartridge

The Dolphin Escape is fitted with an oversized filtration cartridge that has the capacity to filter 75 gallons of water per minute.

Easy To Use

All you need to do is plug the cleaner in and leave it in the pool. It will power off automatically when it is done. You do not need to stand around and monitor it when the cleaning is in progress. The SmartNav ensures that it does not miss a spot.

When you are ready for a swim, simply take the cleaner out of the pool, get in and enjoy the cool, clean water.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is surprisingly easy and does not take more than a few minutes. The filter cartridge is easy to access. When you need to empty it out, you just access the cartridge from the top, lift it out, wash it and put it back in place when it is dry.

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Pros & Cons


  • SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning for thorough and energy efficient cleaning in a short time
  • Hyperbrush™ Dual Scrubbing Brushes scrubs that provide the highest level of cleaning
  • Hypergrip™ Continuous Tracks that provide outstanding wall climbing capabilities
  • Lightweight frame with easy-to-grip handle, both of which make it easy to carry the device around
  • Easy to use – simply plug it in, place it in the pool and leave it to do its job
  • Oversized debris cartridge that is capable of holding up to 60% more debris
  • Very easy to access, clean and replace cartridge filters
  • Direct drive operation so you don’t need to worry about replacing worn out belts
  • Quiet operation
  • Long enough cord so you won’t need an extension cord
  • Energy efficient
  • Operation costs is just 5 cents an hour


  • No remote control
  • Does not have a programmable timer

What Others Are Saying About The Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner

Most buyers who have reviewed the Dolphin Escape have good things to say about it with many taking the time to mention why they like this particular pool cleaner. Most have commented about its ease of use, how it has saved them a whole lot of time and how they do not have to actually hang around to ensure that it cleans every inch of the pool. They simply switch it on and leave in the pool, knowing they will have a clean pool to splash about it when they are ready.

One buyer received a piece that seemed out of alignment. It took some reassembling to get it working right, but given the price, he was not too happy with his purchase.

Although most buyers have commented on how the Dolphin Escape picked up every piece of debris from the pool, regardless of size, some buyers have complained that the device did not clean up the smaller algae patches, while others complained that it did not pick up the larger-sized leaves. The complaints are few and far between though.

Is The Dolphin Escape For You?   

The Dolphin Escape is lightweight, user-friendly, energy-efficient and packed with plenty of useful features. If you are looking for a pool cleaner that is technologically advanced, yet easy to use, the Dolphin Escape fits the bill perfectly.

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  1. I read your review with interest. My neighbour has this cleaner in their concrete pool and it works great! I’m wondering if it will work OK in a fibre glass pool as well?

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