Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with CleverClean technology is an advanced, easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner that is designed to scrub, vacuum and filter in-ground residential pools of up to 50 ft. in length.

Maytronics has launched two versions of this particular robotic pool cleaner – The Dolphin Nautilus CC and the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. Both models have almost similar features with just a few differences between the two. The main point of difference lies in the cycle time. The Nautilus Plus has a shorter cycle time of 2.5 hours as compared to 3 hours of the Nautilus.

Features At A Glance
• Weighs 18.75 lbs
• Comes with a 60 feet long cable
• Swivel-device keeps the electric cable tangle-free
• Plug-and-play operation – no installation required
• Cleans in-ground pools of any shape and up to a length of 50 ft
• Capable of cleaning most pool surfaces
• Cleans pool floor, cove and walls up to the water line
• Suction rate is 4,233 gal (USA) per hour
• Easy to clean cartridge filter
• Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning
• Does not need to be connected to the pool pump filter system or a booster pump
• Traps dirt and debris using cartridge filters
• Brush system helps scrub the pool surface to hamper the growth of algae and bacteria.


  • Tangle-free 60-foot cable
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Silent operation
  • Cleans up to the water line


  • Heavy
  • Struggles with large leaves
  • Caddy costs extra

The Nautilus line is powered by IntelliScan technology. When the cleaner is submerged in water, the technology does a quick analysis of your pool’s overall dimensions as well as its filter requirements in order to clean it as efficiently as possible. It has a suction rate of 4,233 gallons an hour, which allows it to clean a 50 feet long pool in about 3 hours or less.

This Dolphin cleaner works on its own internal pump system and filter. It does not need the pool pump and pool filter to work.

This pool cleaner is designed to clean the walls right up to the waterline. It propels itself up the wall with its nose in the air cleaning the walls up till the waterline and then goes back down to the floor surface.

We are disappointed in the lack of instructions that Maytronics provide with their pool cleaners. The instruction manual is more like a quick start guide and provides no detailed information on functions such as weekly programming.

The Nautilus does not have a quick-drain system and can be quite heavy to take out of the water after it has finished its cleaning cycle. The dirt collected in the filters adds to the overall weight. Unlike many other pool cleaners, you cannot use the cord to pull it out of the pool. To take it out of the pool, pull the power cord gently towards you. When it is close to the surface, you have to reach down, grab the handgrips on both sides and life it out of the water. Not everyone can do this easily so it is something that you need to keep in mind.

The cleaner has a weekly timer function that allows the Nautilus CC Plus to automatically run its programmed cleaning cycle at set intervals throughout the week.
The Power Supply is a simple on and off switch, and the second button operates the 1,2 or 3 weekly timer.
1 click – the robot will work once a day for 7 days
2 click – the robot will alternate working every other day (4 times a week)
3 click – the robot will work once every 3 days (3 times a week)

At the end of each week, it would be necessary to reset the weekly timer.

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Features You’ll Love:

Advanced filtration – It does not use filter bags. Instead it has two distinct cartridges to separate coarse and fine debris, which ensures thorough filtration. The coarse filtration cartridge has a mesh screen that filters out larger sized particles while the fine filtration cartridge uses a pleated polyester filter to keep out smaller sized dust and debris.

Easy to clean filters – The filter cartridges are quick and easy to remove, rinse and replace.

Long, tangle-free cord – The 60 foot power cable allows you to ‘plug and play’ even if you have a larger-sized pool. The swivel device prevents the cable from twisting and coiling, which can be a huge relief, especially with longer cables such as this.

Uses Easy-Fix modular technology – This means all add-ons and replacements are standardized so they are easy to find and easy to install too. You can do most repairs and replacements yourself without the need to call in a professional.

• Tangle-free 60-foot cable
• Advanced filtration system
• Cleans the pool silently
• Filters are easy to remove, clean and replace
• Capable of climbing up and cleaning the walls up to the water line
• Replacements are standardized and easily available

• Can be a little cumbersome to remove from the pool because of the heavier weight of the water and debris
• Inadequate instruction manual
• You have to buy a caddy separately to move it around

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What others are saying

Most users are happy with their purchase. Some of the features that the majority of users are particularly pleased about are the longer cable length, tangle-free cable, silent operation and easily accessible filters.
The one thing most users struggle with is removing this pool cleaner out of the water. Without a quick-drain system, the device still contains a substantial amount of water while removing it out the pool, which adds to its total weight. It requires a fair amount of strength to get it out of the water.

Is it for you?
This pool cleaner is a great choice for anyone who does not mind paying a slightly higher price for a robotic pool cleaner with advanced technology. The silent operation means you can hang around the poolside and relax while the Nautilus gets it all cleaned out for you to use and with its 60 foot cable you won’t even need to change plug points for it to clean the whole pool. It does a great job of scrubbing, vacuuming and cleaning the walls and floor so once the device completes its cycle you can just dive in without worrying about whether or not the pool is clean enough.

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20 thoughts on “Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

  1. Really happy with our Dolphin. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The cleaning quality is good and the Nautilus Plus is super fast. It’s quite heavy to haul out the pool I guess is the only downside.

  2. I should have purchased this years ago. It cleaned my pool from top to bottom in a couple of hours. We have an L-shaped pool and it copes OK with that. My gripe would be it doesn’t do that good a job on the steps.

  3. Pool is much cleaner than our previous cleaner and water clarity is amazing! Plug it in, chuck it in the pool, and leave it to do what it does best.

  4. You can see where the pool cleaner has been. It’s like when you vacuum over a dirty carpet and you see the difference in color afterwards. Our pool hasn’t looked this clean since we had it installed 7 years ago. A very good investment.

  5. Awesome review, dude. I was going crazy reading positive and negative reviews on Amazon but yours sold it to me. Great advice! It scrubs the pool to a much higher standard than I ever got with our previous pool vacuum and using brushes.
    I waited for 3 months before writing this review to be sure it didn’t have any faults, and so far I’m totally impressed. It is quite expensive up front cost, but I’ve been able to cancel the services of our pool guy because the Nautilus Plus does all the heavy lifting.

  6. Is it really necessary to buy the caddy for this cleaner? It’s another 145 bucks on top of the cost of buying the cleaner. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi. Excuse the delay in replying. I typed a response days ago but for some reason it didn’t appear, so here goes a second time…
      You don’t have to buy a caddy if you are happy to carry it to and from the pool. It’s just that the cleaner weighs 22 pounds which is quite a lot of weight – equivalent to 10 bags of sugar.
      Another option is to buy a little cart and wheel it around on one of those.

  7. I read your review of this pool cleaner back in the spring. We don’t have a lot of money so were in two minds as to whether to hand over so much money for a pool cleaner. Anyway we went ahead with the purchase. Until a few weeks ago I was still unsure if it had been worth the money, but during this fall the Dolphin has really proven its worth. It has been handling the leaves and pine needles off the trees like an absolute champ. It is so nice coming back from work and not having to spend half an hour staggering around in the wind and the cold with a leaf net like an idiot.

    1. That’s a great question.

      Each has its pros and cons. The biggest advantage of suction pool cleaners like the Kreepy Krauly is their relatively low upfront cost and they have a simpler design meaning there is less to go wrong.
      The downside of the suction pool cleaners compared to robotic pool cleaners is that they are reliant on your pool’s internal pump and filtration system the entire time they are running, meaning higher electricity costs and they increase wear and tear on pump and filtration components. Also, unlike a robotic pool cleaner, they are unable to climb steps and cannot clean above the waterline. Kreepy Krauly suction cleaners don’t have a navigation system, so they randomly move around the pool, meaning the entire cleaning cycle is longer. This may or may not be a problem for you.
      Additional advantages of the pool robot like the Nautilus Plus is that it actually scrubs the pool surface rather than just using a vacuum.

  8. I just got my dolphin plus and I love it. I am wondering though, on the caddy it looks like it is stored right side up and I have read that it should be stored upside down? any thoughts?

    1. Good to hear you are happy with your Dolphin Plus.
      There are a few different caddies available, but on all the Maytronics caddys I have seen the pool cleaner sits right side up. i.e. the blue plastic and chord should be top-side.

  9. Color me confused. How can anyone justify spending so much on a robotic pool cleaner when you can pick up a pool net and brush for $30?

    1. When we worked out how much time we were spending cleaning the pool we decided to employ the services of a pool cleaning company. They did a good job, but we don’t really like strangers coming onto our property, particular when the kids are at home, and the cost of the pool cleaning company is about $90 per month ($1080 per year) in LA. We’ve had a pool robot for almost a year now and it has already paid for it self. The chemicals are quick and easy to do ourselves at the weekend plus a quick check of the filter pressures and empty the skimmer baskets. Everything else the pool robot does.
      I guess if you don’t work then maybe you don’t mind scrubbing and cleaning the pool yourself but for us both working then an automatic cleaner is a no-brainer….and I guess the point of us having the pool was to relax…not do more work…so you know… 🙂

    2. Hi Jacob,

      You cannot top the savings of a net and brush (both of which you should always have regardless).
      I guess pool size would be a big consideration, if you have a 10ft circular above ground pool, sure I would do it
      all manually. If you have a 40′ in-ground pool, with trees, bushes, critters, pollen, not to mention the junk that
      the people in the pool leave in it…that is quite a different story.

      Trust me, I like to save money and do lot’s or things around the house myself. I have been vacuuming our pool and scooping “stuff” off the top and bottom while using a pressure type cleaning gizmo (Ray Vac) which actually works well and is a very clever design. After 14 years it actually is still working…sort of. Anyway, my deal was why am using an auto cleaning gizmo (that reduces the pools filter efficiency) and I still have to clean the pool myself…a lot!

      I research on line and found out that originally the Ray Vac sold for about $600 (sometime ago), so to spend $700 now on a thing that is touted to be greatly superior and basically the same price, I held my breath and bought it.

      Bear in mind that I am a brand new owner having only run it twice now (6/9/18), but dude this thing is awesome!!! I don’t care if it weighed a hundred pounds. There is no comparison. The pool is freaky clean, I was shocked. Plus the pool floor was filthy for its maiden voyage and it was spotless 2 hours later.

      I know it’s a lot of money…no doubt, but at least the thing is no disappointment and regarding price, you can easily spend twice as much on pool robots but this one is rated #1. That doesn’t happen very often.

      Again, it’s a chunk of cash and certainly you will decide that it may be better spent elsewhere. But if you just
      think it’s a stupid thing to do, I can tell you (circumstantially) it is not.

  10. hello, i have the same pool robot…picked it up a couple of weeks ago! Do you know if i have to take it out the pool each night … or leave it in all the time .. for example for several weeks or more ..??? thank you

    1. The manufacturer recommends taking it out the pool after each cycle but we’ve left ours in the water for about 7 out of 12 months of the last year. I only took it out briefly to clean the filters and such.

  11. I have pebbletec, the cc doesn’t effectively brush the dirt, would be nice to have a different roller to use/ replace to take care of that

  12. Worth every penny. I was spending over $1200 a year with a pool company. The Nautilus Plus has saved me not only the $1200 per year, but the pool stays so clean that I have cut way down on chemical usage (and cost) also. The filters are super easy to clean in 5 minutes. It is an amazing product. Try to purchase it on sale in late summer.

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