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Released in 2016, the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner is the latest in the line of automatic robotic pool cleaners introduced by Dolphin. In designing this unit, Dolphin added a host of innovative new features after taking into consideration the many major and minor shortcomings of earlier models. The result is a pool cleaner that makes pool cleaning very easy. Having said that, it is not completely free of issues, as you will discover below.

Features At A Glance
• Weighs 14 lbs
• Plug-and-play operation – no installation required
• Designed to clean in-ground swimming pools of any shape
• Capable of cleaning most pool surfaces including fiberglass, concrete, granite and vinyl
• Scrubs walls, water line and stairs
• Can handle unusually shaped pools and uneven pool floors
• Comes with a 60 ft thermoplastic rubber cable that minimizes frictional drag
• Multiple cleaning cycles
• Can be programmed for weekly cleaning
• Microprocessor controlled SmartNav for optimum cleaning
• Hypergrip rubber tracks for better traction and control
• Collections larger leaves and debris as well as smaller sized algae and pollen
• Debris is collected in an easily removable, large capacity cartridge
• Microfilters up to 75 gallons per minute
• LED alerts to notify you when the cartridge is full and needs to be emptied

The Quantum is powerful yet efficient. It has dual 24-volt DC motors that propel it around your pool effortlessly and efficiently. The Quantum requires only 180 watts of power as compared to the 1800 watts of power used by most other pool cleaners in the same class.

Efficient use of cleaning time is ensured by the SmartNav 2.0 Robotic scanning system, which takes over and maps the pool’s surface as soon as the unit is submerged under water. This system keeps track of which surface areas the unit has covered and which it hasn’t so that it does not keep going over the same places while missing out on others altogether.

The Quick Drain system drains water out quickly as the unit is being taken out of the water, so that all you are pulling out is its original weight of 14lbs without any additional water weight.

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Innovative Features Of The Dolphin Quantum

Power Jet 3D Mobility – This technology helps the unit get a better grip on vertical surfaces so it easily cleans the walls up to the water line. This is achieved because of the powerful force created by multi-direction water flow that is expelled through three jet nozzles. This is the first pool robot in the world to be propelled by 3 jet drives with thrust vector control.

SnapLoc Filtration – The SnapLoc Filtration allows you to remove all four sides of the filter so it is faster and easier to clean. Moreover, the bottom panel is hinged so the released debris simply falls out. You do not need to waste time scraping out the dirt and debris after taking the unit out of the water.

Dual Scrubbing Brushes – Dual scrubbing brushes scrub twice as fast as conventional brushes and they clean more efficiently too, dislodging even the most stubborn contaminants.

Programmable Time – Programmable cleaning modes allow you to do a quick or thorough clean whenever you want. A weekly timer gives you even more control by allowing you to program the cleaning in advance so you can even leave town for a week and still jump into a clean pool the minute you get back home.
Sleek Frame with Convenient Carry Handle – In designing the Quantum, Dolphin has considered every detail. The frame of this pool cleaner is sleek and low to the ground so that there is minimum resistance as it moves along the walls and slopes. The carry handle are conveniently located near the front so they are easy to access when you want to lift the unit out from the water.

• Advanced navigation system
• Dual scrubbing brushes for more powerful and more efficient cleaning
• Large capacity filter cartridges that are easy to remove and clean
• Programmable for a week
• Multiple cleaning cycles
• Does a great job of cleaning the walls up to the water line
• Variable micron filters are capable of removing almost everything from the water, including tree needles and dirt
• 60 ft long anti-tangle cord that cleans large pools without kinking
• Can be used to clean salt water pools
• Powered by a DC motor so it does not use the pool pump

The high cost price of this unit is the biggest deterrent. The Dolphin Quantum costs around $1100 at the time of writing this article, and this does not include the caddy or the remote control.

If you want additional control over the cleaning you will have to buy a remote control separately.

If you have trouble toting it around, you will have to spend some more to buy the caddy.

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What other users are saying
Most users claim that the Dolphin Quantum is a worthy investment for its efficient cleaning and innovative features. They are particularly pleased with its ability to clean the walls up to the waterline without losing traction, the programmable time and the easy clean filter cartridges.

Is The Dolphin Quantum For You?
The Dolphin Quantum is for you if you do not mind paying a little more for a powerful machine that highly efficient. When considering the price though you must also give some to whether or not you may need to buy a caddy or a remote control. If you find later that moving it around is cumbersome and you need to buy a caddy, the overall price of the unit increases immediately. It’s the same with the remote. If price is not a factor, especially for the convenience and peace of mind it offers, then this is a great buy for anyone who owns a pool.

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  • Advanced navigation system
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • Programmable for a week
  • Multiple cleaning cycles
  • Long anti-tangle cord
  • Salt water pool compatible


  • Caddy not included
  • Remote control is extra
  • Price



  1. Doesnt clean my steps which is a bit annoying and means I have to use a brush. It does everything else and to a very high standard. It sucks up larger objects such as twigs and leaves and emptying the filter afterwards is easy enough. If you have trees or a hedge around your pool you’ll appreciate this Quantum. Sometimes it gets temporarily stuck on the drain, but always works its way free within about 30 seconds so dont really see that as an issue.

  2. One of the few robotic pool cleaners that can be used in a salt water pool. Seems to work quite efficiently, though I have never owned a pool robot before so don’t have any point of comparison.

  3. Bought this alongside the Solar Breeze NX and between the two of them it means I have an almost completely hands off pool maintenance experience. I guess because of the cost it is not for everyone, but if you have a little money spare, I would recommend both these devices.

  4. Easy to use. We have set up the schedule to clean the pool twice a week and just leave it to do its thing. Doesn’t seem to need to be emptied very often so quite low maintenance. Set it and forget it. Quite pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.

  5. The best we have found for a salt water pool. Impressive cleaning performance.
    Instead of buying the caddy, we used a cheap dolly truck which we bought for $30.

  6. Best pool cleaner I have owned so far. The suction is incredibly powerful and leaves the water looking sparkling in the sun. The only down side really is it is very heavy.


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