Dolphin Triton PS

Each feature on the Dolphin Triton PS, from its smart navigation software to its high-quality filtration system, was designed for state of the art performance. This pool cleaner will thoroughly scrub your pool while using only a small amount of energy. 

If you’re in the market for an intelligent and powerful pool cleaner, check out the Dolphin Triton PS. You’ll have access to some of the lastest in robot pool cleaning technology, including its CleverClean scanning capabilities, along with PowerStream functionality.

Dolphin Triton PS Features

  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • 60-foot cable included
  • 2-hour cleaning cycle
  • 1-hour rapid clean sequence
  • Weekly timer
  • CleverClean scanning
  • Top-access filtration basket
  • 2-year warranty

Product Highlights

CleverClean scanning

With its CleverClean navigation technology, the Dolphin Triton PS learns all about the ins and outs of your in-ground pool. This robot pool cleaner uses AI software along with a variety of sensors to understand the shape and size of your pool. The Dolphin Triton PS will ensure that every inch of your pool is thoroughly scrubbed using its CleverClean scanning capabilities.

Active brushes provide extra scrubbing power

With its additional brushes, you’ll get a unit that provides additional scrubbing power as it cleans your pool. That means each time it does its job, your pool will be sparkling clean. Dolphin boasts this is the first pool cleaner of its kind to offer an Active Brushing feature.

Top access filtration basket

The oversized top access basket on the Dolphin Triton PS accomplishes two things. First, it allows for easy access so you can quickly clean your filters and let your cleaner get back to work. Second, it is large enough to capture big debris like twigs and leaves. That means your pool will be thoroughly cleaned as your pool cleaner grabs all contaminants, both big and small.

PowerStream cleaning technology

The PS in Dolphin Triton PS stands for PowerStream. This feature is specifically designed to give the robot pool cleaner the ability to quickly and easily climb and clean the wall and waterline of your pool. While other pool cleaners might struggle to get your walls clean in several passes, the Triton PS gets it done the first time thanks to its PowerStream technology.

Weekly timer

With a weekly timer, you can set your Triton PS to clean while you’re away. As a result, your pool is clean and ready any time you need it. If you’re not at home when you want your pool cleaned, the weekly timer is a huge advantage. Plus, you can set it using either the controls on the cleaner itself or through your mobile app.

Multiple cleaning modes

When the pool isn’t very dirty, but it needs a once over, the Triton PS has a one-hour quick clean mode that cleans the floor but leaves the walls. When you want a more thorough clean, you can turn on the two-hour mode. This mode is ideal when you’re away from home or don’t plan on using the pool.

Anti-tangling functionality

The Dolphin Triton PS comes with a swivel cable which was designed with an algorithm which prevents the cord from tangling. This fancy solution is effective and is one of the few robot pool cleaners on the market that uses smart anti-tangling algorithms.

Pros of the Dolphin Triton PS

  • PowerStream feature tackles walls and waterlines
  • CleverClean technology saves energy while providing a thorough clean
  • Large capacity top-access filtration basket
  • Fine and ultra-fine filters included with the unit
  • Cleans in-ground pools of all shapes and sizes
  • Efficient and effective
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Two-year warranty

Cons of the Dolphin Triton PS

  • Expensive
  • Does not support Bluetooth
  • Not compatible with Dolphin mobile app

What Others Are Saying

The Triton PS has a lot of incredible features, which is why many of its users have a lot of positive things to say about it. For example, many owners really like how easy it is to use the top-loading filtration basket. Cleaning the basket is simple and quick which makes it appealing to users who don’t have time to mess with complex systems.

Additionally, the unit does a great job of climbing the walls and scrubbings your waterline. It’s quick and efficient and thoroughly cleans the bottom of your pool.

That’s not to say that the Triton PS is the perfect pool cleaner. While it does use an anti-tangle algorithm to prevent the cable from tangling, there are users who report the need to untangle the cord at least once a week.

There are also some users who complain about the lack of quality customer service from Dolphin. Many offer that when they purchased defective devices and requested replacements or refunds, customer service was slow to respond and reticent to offer much in the way of support.

The overwhelming majority, however, agree that the Dolphin Triton PS is an excellent pool cleaner that gets your pool looking good in no time.

Is this Robot Pool Cleaner Right for You?

The Dolphin Triton PS is an excellent pool cleaner. However, it’s not cheap. If it’s in your budget to purchase this unit, then there are many users who would recommend you do so. They view it not as an expense, but rather as a long term investment. The thinking is that if you spend a lot on your pool, then why wouldn’t you want to do what you can to keep it properly maintained?

Your Triton PS does exactly that. It keeps your pool looking good while also saving you time and energy. If it didn’t clean your pool so well, it would stand to reason that the price would outweigh the value. However, that’s simply not the case.

This robot pool cleaner is a great option with plenty of features. It will get the floors, walls, and waterline of your pool clean and do so with its high-quality filtration system. If you are the owner of an in-ground swimming pool, purchasing a Dolphin Triton PS to maintain it might be the right decision for you.