Polaris F9550

The Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic (also known as just Polaris 9550 Sport) is a compact, sporty looking robotic pool cleaner that is designed to clean in-ground pools of all types including fiberglass.

This model comes with several advanced handy features that make it particularly easy and convenient to use, however, we discovered a few drawbacks with this product.

Features At A Glance

  • Designed for in-ground pools up to 50 feet in length
  • Cleans floor, walls and up to waterline of the pool
  • 70-foot cable and transport caddy
  • 4-Wheel Drive with Aqua-Trax tires
  • Solid-Blade scrubbing brush top clean tiles at water line
  • ActivMotion Sensor technology provides unparalleled navigation, irrespective of pool size and shape
  • Easy clean filter canister with handy dirty canister indicator
  • Motion-sensing handheld remote
  • EasyLift System
  • Tangle-reducing swivel to reduce cable tangling
  • 7-day programmable timer
  • Vortex Vacuum technology that sucks in larger sized debris
  • 2-year limited warranty


Several innovative features incorporated in the Polaris F9550 work together to give this robotic pool cleaner its superior cleaning properties.

The 4-wheel drive helps the device power through the pool floor effortlessly and the Aqua-Trax tires help it glide over any surface. Its powerful rear water propulsion system makes it easy for the cleaner to pick up debris from hard to reach places, including tight corners and under the stairs.

Picking up larger debris without reducing the suction power is made possible with the Vortex Vacuum Technology. This is a huge improvement over many other models in which the suction power is compromised whenever any large debris is picked up.

The ActivMotion Sensor technology is a brilliant addition. With this technology incorporated within it, the Polaris robotic cleaner navigates the pool smartly. It senses where it has been and never goes over the same spot twice in any one cycle. You’ll be particularly thankful for this feature if you have a large pool.

The Polaris works separately from the pool filter system so there no question of the system clogging. The device takes about two to three hours to clean pool of average size.

One drawback, according to some users, is that the water output is located at the rear end of the cleaner, so when it is climbing up the walls, the thrust that it needs to push it upwards pushes some of the dirt back out. This dirt then sinks to the bottom and settles on the pool floor, requiring another round of cleaning.

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Features You’ll Love

There’s plenty to love in the Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner.

It is easy to put into the pool and just as easy to take out of the pool – the pool cleaner comes with a handy transport caddy so you can easily wheel it from its storage place to the edge of the pool and drop it in. When the cleaning cycle is complete, you press the lift button and the device moves towards the edge of the pool and climbs up the wall. You just reach in and lift it out.

It has excellent cleaning capabilities – with its 4-wheel drive, AquaTrax tires and Vortex Vacuum Technology, the 9550 is capable of moving easily across any type of pool terrain and climbing all walls and steps, picking up debris and cleaning the surfaces as it moves along. Its solid-blade scrubbing brush does a great job of scrubbing the tiles at the water line.

It is energy efficient – you would normally expect the energy consumption to go up significantly when you use a device as powerful as this, but the Polaris 9550 is surprisingly energy efficient. It consumes only 150 watts of electricity as compared to the 2000 watts consumed by older pool cleaning systems for the same amount of time. That’s more than 10 times less energy consumption.

It has a 7-day programmable timer – If you hate having to fiddle around with settings every time you want to clean the pool, you’ll love the smart 7-day programmable timer feature. You simply set it to clean for 7 days depending on your usage and cleaning needs and that’s it. You don’t have to think about it till the next week.

It comes with an extra-large filter canister – the capacity of the filter canister is almost four times larger than that of other pool cleaners so you don’t need to empty it out as often. Moreover, it has a dirty canister indicator so a quick look at the indicator will let you know when it is time to remove and clean it. Cleaning the canister is easy too. Just open the lid at the top of the cleaner and remove the debris.

It comes with a motion-sensing handheld remote – if you want to control exactly where your robotic pool cleaner goes, you’ll love this handheld remote controller. You simply tilt it in the directly you want it to go and the device will do just that.

Pros of the Polaris 9550

  • Outstanding cleaning capabilities
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart navigation so the entire pool surface gets cleaned without going over the same areas repeatedly
  • EasyLift System makes it easy to get out of the pool after it is done cleaning
  • Extra large filter canister
  • Dirty canister indicator
  • Caddy included
  • Remote control included

Cons of the Polaris 9550

  • Cannot be used for above-ground pools
  • Costs slightly more than some other pool cleaners of similar capacity

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What Others Are Saying

Most users are happy with the Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner. The features that the majority of users have praised are its excellent cleaning, ease of use, low energy consumption, and smart navigation capability.

However, there are a few who have experienced a number of problems with this device. One user has complained about the cleaner’s ability to climb and clean the walls. Another user has complained that their cleaner keeps getting stuck at the stairs every time and even the remote cannot get it get unstuck. Every time they free the device, it goes back to the same spot and gets stuck again.

Is It For You?

If you are looking for a technologically advanced, feature-filled pool cleaner and don’t mind paying a sightly higher price for all of the add-ons, the Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner may be just right for you.

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18 thoughts on “Polaris F9550

  1. Hi there!

    Awesome review by the way. We have a 30ft in-ground pool, and are looking at getting our first robotic pool cleaner. We have been reading your reviews and are torn between the Dolphin Nautilus Plus and this Polaris.
    Which would you recommend?


    1. Great question, Keisha. I prefer not to tell people which cleaner they should buy. They are both good products made by reputable companies.

      1. Can you program theNautilus Plus for seven days as well?
        Also, if you have many trees around your pool, which one will you be recommending?

        1. The weekly timer function allows the Nautilus Plus with CleverClean to automatically run its programmed cleaning cycle at set intervals throughout the week.
          The Power Supply is a simple on and off switch, and the second button operates the 1,2 or 3 weekly timer.
          1 click – the robot will work once a day for 7 days
          2 click – the robot will alternate working every other day (4 times a week)
          3 click – the robot will work once every 3 days (3 times a week)

          At the end of each week, it would be necessary to reset the weekly timer.

  2. First time pool owner here! We bought this robotic pool cleaner based on a combination of the review here and a recommendation from our doctor strangely enough! In the long run we worked out it was much cheaper to buy this than pay for the pool guy to come round every couple of weeks.
    We’re very pleased with the F9550 and have recommended it to several of our friends and neighbors.

  3. Something I notice is that this one comes with a caddy included in the price and the Maytronics cleaners don’t. If I have buy a Maytronics I also have to buy a caddy as an extra so then there isn’t so much price difference between them.

  4. I am almost sold on this zodiac. I’d value your advice on a couple of questions. Is this easy to program? What options are there for programming and how is this done?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, very straightforward to program. The control panel is on the caddy.
      – There is a start/stop button for the cleaning process.
      – A button to select cleaning surface: bottom only, bottom and walls, or waterline only.
      – Cleaning intensity selection: Intensive or high intensity
      – A button to select if you have a rectangular or freeform shape pool
      – A button to make the Polaris climb up the pool wall so you can easily remove it.

      You can program up to seven cleaning cycles.
      Program cleaning for either seven consecutive cycles or the same cycle repeated over several weeks e.g. every Wednesday and Saturday for three weeks.
      The instruction manual for this unit is thorough and easy to understand, and the controls are intuitive to use in my opinion.

    1. Hi Dave,

      No. It has a buoyant cord which reduces the risk of tangling, plus the cord is fitted with a tangle reducing swivel device.

  5. I ended up buying this device and couldn’t be happier. I took other people’s advice and brushed the biggest debris off the steps first. After the first clean the pool looked immaculate. I just wished I’d purchased one last year and I’d have saved myself so much time and effort. There was a large amount of debris in the filter that I didn’t even know I had in the pool.
    The function to lift its self out the pool seems to work well. We steered it towards our side of the pool using the remote control then it climbed up the wall to us. My wife who is 5ft 2 was able to easily lift it out the water without too much effort.

  6. i’m happy with the 9550 sport. I’ve used many different cleaners and this has been the only one that cleans my pool so far. pool size is 38ft by 20ft . the only thing it gets stuck on the stairs from time to time. other then that its amazing.

  7. There is a major flaw with the Polaris P955/F9550 and I did not see it corrected on the P965iq/9650iq either.
    The water discharge is in the rear propelling the cleaner in one direction. Not only is this inefficient, but, it requires the cleaner to do a complete 180 degree turn if it is to climb an adjacent wall. For example: If the cleaner travels across the floor, it then climbs the wall heading to the waterline. An efficient cleaner will then reverse it’s direction back down the wall, across the floor slightly overlapping it’s previous pass, then, it will climb the wall on the opposite side. But that is impossible for these Polaris cleaners. Because they cannot, and were not designed to climb walls in reverse. That propelled discharge in the rear of the unit is not a good idea at all. If anything, there should be a second discharge on the front and when the cleaner is in reverse, the discharge port changes respectively. Anyone who understands how these pool cleaners work will agree with this assessment. I am sure Polaris is mapping the pool to accommodate this pitfall but you will hear about users of this model telling how their cleaner flips when trying to climb a wall. And when I watched these videos showing the issue, the cleaners were in reverse. Whatever Polaris is doing to prevent the cleaner from climbing a wall in reverse must not be working all of the time. And what of those who use their remotes? Where in any of the on line documentation is Polaris even clarifying this issue? They don’t. So all the other cleaners out there that are not using a single rear discharge like this are light years ahead of Polaris. There is alot more to an efficient cleaner that linking to wifi and giving us little R2-D2 lights and phone apps. While Maytronics and Polaris are playing with marketing gimmicks like that, some of want a cleaner that cleans without critical flaws like this

  8. Just purchased our P955 and find that the rear discharge design ends up disbursing fine particles making it difficult for the unit to get our pool clean. Why didn’t they simply re-direct the discharge to the top of the unit?
    The next is a warranty issue 14 days into my ownership, I found the unit goes into standby mode after a cleaning cycle and will not re-start (no error codes). The display panel remains blank and won’t respond to any inputs unless you unplug the unit for a few minutes and then plug it back in. They do not replace the unit until an authorized repair shop looks at it first (which I did) and they shipped a new one that does the exact same thing!
    I don’t believe something so simple to be a user issue, but at this time I am not happy…

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