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Solar Breeze NX Automatic-Skimmer

Please note this review refers to the NX model. For the review on the new 2018 Solar Breeze NX2 model, which comes with an improved filter tray and constructed from improved materials, please see this page.

Hand skimming a pool can be hard work. You have to go around the entire pool holding a long hand skimmer and manually remove large debris from the surface of the water. It is time-consuming and laborious. More so if you have a lot of trees surrounding the pool.

This skimmer does all the hard work for you so you don’t have to get stressed over this chore every time you use the pool.

With the Solar automatic skimmer you don’t even have to worry about the energy consumption, utility bills or annoying cables. It is powered 100% by solar energy, however, you pay quite a high initial purchase price, so that is something to think about.

Features At A Glance

  • Can be used on pools of any shape or size
  • 100% solar powered – equipped with two photovoltaic solar panels
  • Cleans only the surface of the pool – not floors or walls
  • Includes a chlorine dispenser that sanitizing the pool as it cleans
  • Has 1 polycarbonate paddle wheel at the rear for propulsion and one at the front for scooping up floating debris
  • Removes floating debris of all sizes, from large twigs to smaller leaves, dust, pollen and suntan oils
  • High strength polyester filter mesh


The Solar Breeze NX Automatic Skimmer is equipped with solar panels that collect energy from the sun and charge the onboard batteries that drive the device. You can just leave it in the pool and it will keep cleaning the pool continuously all day and well into the night.

The unit is driven around the pool with the help of a paddle drive that is attached to the rear of the unit. As the unit moves around the pool, the paddle drive attached to the front scoops up the leaves and other dirt particles floating on water surface and places whatever it collects into a debris collection tray. Meanwhile, the inbuilt chlorine dispenser keeps distributing chlorine steadily throughout the pool, cleaning and purifying the water simultaneously.

A smart onboard computer overlooks the navigation and ensures that the unit cleans every inch of the pool surface. It also helps the skimmer get out from corners that it has gotten stuck into by triggering an automatic reverse function.

The one thing this device does not do is pick up the debris from the floor of the pool. Floating particles that remain on the surface too long tend to get water-logged and sink to the bottom of the pool. The NX does not remove this debris.

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Useful Features

100% Solar powered

This is the feature most users love most about the Solar Breeze NX Automatic Skimmer. Using a solar powered device means you do not have to worry about having a power outlet nearby nor do you have to worry about long power cords getting in your way. Best of all, you do not have to worry about excessive energy consumption or escalating utility bills. That’s good for the environment and good for your wallet too.

No Need To Monitor The Operation

Once you place the device in the pool, it goes about doing its work efficiently without the need of any external help. You do not have to stand around to ensure that it cleans the entire pool or to help it if it gets stuck in a corner. The smart processor takes care of all that.

Purifies As It Cleans

The built in chemical dispenser is a cool little add on feature that boosts the functionality of the unit. In addition to cleaning the pool of the visible debris, the Solar Breeze also distributes pool chemicals that purify the water and so it is safe for swimming. The two advantages of using this unit instead of using any other type of dedicated dispenser are that it dispenses the chemicals evenly across the pool and it does so without consuming any electricity.

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  • Does what it is designed to do efficiently and silently
  • Works entirely using solar power
  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • Outstanding surface cleaning
  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for pools of any shape and size
  • No power outlets or power cords to deal with
  • Built-in chemical dispenser allows it to purify as it cleans
  • Saves a whole lot of time on hand skimming
  • Saves money on utility bills
  • Intelligent processor helps get unstuck from corners


  • You have to be extra careful when removing the unit from the pool as the debris tends to fall out and back into the water
  • Does not clean the pool floor or walls
  • In latitudes where there is less sun, it works intermittently on overcast days.

What Others Are Saying

Most users are happy with their purchase and have commented on how they love being able to use the pool without first having to spent time laboring over the cleanup. The unit seems to work well and make life easier for those who use the pool often during summer, especially on those days when the sun is shining brightly. The ‘launch-it-and-forget-it’ feature has made this a popular device with pool owners.

However, many users have found that its efficiency does seem to get affected on cloudier days. Some users have noticed that their unit goes into reverse too often, sometimes even when it is not stuck anywhere.

Is The Solar Breeze NX For You?

If you and your family and friends use the pool often during the summer season, you will find that the Solar Breeze NX Automatic Skimmer can be very handy, especially if you have a lot of trees and plants surrounding the pool. With this device running continuously, your pool will always be ready to use. You don’t have to first rush out and spend a whole lot of time cleaning off surface debris before anybody gets into the pool.

The fact that you also do not have to worry about plug points, unwieldy cables or electric consumption are all huge plus points. However, bear in mind this device will not clean the floor and walls of your pool, so you may also need to invest in a conventional robotic pool cleaner. If price is your limiting factor and you have to choose between the two, a robotic pool cleaner may be a better investment for you.

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  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for pools of any size
  • No power cables
  • Saves money on electricity
  • Easy to use


  • High purchase price
  • Does not replace conventional cleaners



  1. Do you have a review of the Solar Breeze NX2? How does this model compare to the NX?

    • I don’t have a review of the NX2. I have had other people ask me the same question about the differences between them and I don’t know.
      There is nothing on the manufacturer’s website about the NX2 either.
      I emailed the manufacturer last week about the new model but as of yet I have not received a response. If I receive any further information from them or get the opprtunity to review it, I will put an update about it on this site.

  2. I’m thinking about getting this to vacuum up the leaves from our pool. Any ideas how this performs on overcast days in the fall and winter? Will it operate at all in those conditions?

    • It really depends where you live and specific weather conditions. I’ve found on overcast days with high cloud it seems to work fine, although the battery runs out soon after dark. On foggy days or days with low dark grey cloud it doesn’t work at all. Overall we get enough sunlight so that it works a few times a week in the fall.
      Can’t comment on the effectiveness in winter yet as this is our first year owning it.

      • You already have an excellent reply from Stephanie, but just to add to that, this is from Solar Breeze:

        “The Solar-Breeze requires sufficient direct sunlight to run the paddle-wheel motors and charge the battery. However, the solar collection panels have been purposely oversized so that they are able to absorb sufficient energy to power the unit, even on lightly overcast days. On such days, however, the overall operating time of the Solar-Breeze is likely to be reduced.The Solar-Breeze’s operation on rainy and heavily overcast days will be limited to operating on battery power. Once the sun comes out, it will recharge and carry on.”

  3. Just bought one of these for the inevitable cascade of leaves in the fall. Spent so much of my time after work last year fumbling around with a net on a pole scooping out leaves, that I promised myself I would get an automatic pool skimmer next time around. The way I figure it, the amount of time I am going to save with this thing more than makes up for the cost. I run my own business, so time is money. Too early to speak of long term reliability, but a quick test in the pool yesterday gave me confidence in its cleaning ability. If I have problems with it, I’ll be back to report on it!

  4. What’s the difference between the solar breeze 2017 and the 2016 model? From the photos they look exactly the same.
    Also, are there any other pool leaf skimmers you recommend?

    • I’m glad you asked me that actually, because I have had a few people email me about the same query. The 2016 and 2017 models are one and the same. This model on Amazon is the latest.
      As for other pool skimmers, a potential alternative is the Skimdevil, but that is not going to be in stock until the winter, so it doesn’t help you right now.

  5. Very good. Saves me so much time. I was getting fed up having to spend time going around the pool with a net everyday after work. It’s great to let the solar powered skimmer do all the hard work for me, I feel like I am cheating at pool maintenance 😉
    Haven’t timed how long it goes for on a full charge, but down here in Florida it keeps going on battery well after dark.
    If you’re on the fence about this – go and buy it. You’ll be glad you did!

  6. Hi! Which do you think is the better solar powered leaf skimmer. The Solar Breeze or the Skimdevil?

    • Hi Chrissie. Thanks for getting in touch. We haven’t reviewed the Skimdevil so I can’t make a comparison, but it appears from the Amazon website that the Skimdevil is not available until November.

  7. Hi!

    Any ideas when the Solar Breeze will be back in stock?
    Great review by the way 🙂

    • Thanks for your message. Yes, it will be back in stock on Amazon on June 9th. Enjoy!

  8. Awesome! We’re going to order one when they come back in stock. Should save lots of time.

  9. Love it! One button operation and then chuck it in the pool and leave it to do its thing. One tip we have found – if you only put one chlorine tablet in the Solar Breeze, make sure to balance it on the other side with a stone, otherwise it sits in the water at a rakish angle.

  10. We made the plunge and decided to buy this before Christmas. We heard mixed reviews about the previous model so weren’t quite sure what to expect. Overall, we have been very happy with the solar breeze. Cleaning the leaves off the pool with a net isn’t a big job, but we never seemed to have time to do it, or forgot about it. So far we haven’t had any problems with it. Once it got stuck by the steps, but that is the only time we ever had to get it free.

  11. What is the difference between this and the previous Solar Breeze model?

    • That’s a great question.

      With the previous model, some people complained that the plastic shell on the top of the skimmer was degrading in the sun and chlorine. The new model has a shell that is made of a plastic polymer blend and is much more durable.

      The filter is an all-in-one unit now, whereas it used to be several components.

      Improved bumper wheels so it doesn’t get stuck in the corner of pools.

      New software improvements include a Hunt-for-Sun program and increased efficiency so that it lasts longer on a single charge, and can operate into the night.


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