Your Buying Guide for Your New Pool Enclosure

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Having your own swimming pool at home means fun and excitement especially during hot summer days when you just want to spend the whole day in it. Entertaining family and friends at home is also a breeze: pool + barbeque = party. If you want to stay fit, a few laps in the pool daily will give you a lot of exercise without having to go to the gym. On the other hand, enjoying your pool can be difficult in winter or when it’s rainy and windy. Low temperatures and extreme weather will keep you from even dipping your toes in your pool. You might also decide to drain your pool in winter. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your pool all year long? Well, you could, if you had a swimming pool enclosure.

What are the benefits of a swimming pool enclosure for your private pool?

There are several benefits to having a swimming pool enclosure for your private pool. From privacy to aesthetics, you should consider the different options on how to make a pool enclosure both functional and trendy at the same time. Furthermore, it adds value to your home, which can be an advantage if you decide to sell your house in the future.

  • Safety – If you have children or pets, having a swimming pool enclosure will give you a sense of security that they won’t accidentally fall into the water and drown. According to statistics, 75% of drowning deaths of kids below 15 years old happened in private pools. 67% of which are children younger than 3 years old. Having an enclosure around your pool can reduce the risk of drowning by about 80%.
  • Enjoyment – You can enjoy using your pool all year round with a swimming pool enclosure. It will keep the sun, rain, wind, or rain from getting into the water and affect its temperature. You’ll be able to control the water temperature and even save on costs because the glass panels of the enclosure can absorb heat during the day and will keep the pool water warm at night. You likewise have the option to enjoy the sun without the enclosure or to have a shaded pool when it becomes too hot.
  • Clean and Less Chemicals – Don’t you just hate having to remove debris from your pool several times a day? How about using chemicals to keep the water clean and bacteria free? Installing a swimming pool enclosure will keep the dirt away and make the pool water clean without having to use strong chemicals. These chemicals used in pools can be very harsh especially to kids and those with sensitive skin.
  • Bugs, Rodents, and Other Stray Animals – Keep bugs, rodents, snakes, lizards, deer, bears, and other stray animals from your pool using enclosures. Unfortunately, they are attracted water and sometimes accidentally fall into your pool. The enclosure or screen will assure you that no deadly virus or diseases will contaminate your system because the animals won’t be able to get into your pool.
  • Privacy – You can be assured that you’ll have lots of privacy and personal space using a swimming pool enclosure. The glass panels used in the installation will help you avoid from feeling exposed and from trespassers (like animals and rodents as we’ve mentioned) who can just jump into your pool when you’re not around.

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